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ESOP Calculator S Corp

ESOP Calculator for a S Corporation

Enter the Value of the Company:
Enter the percent (>0) of the Company being sold:
Enter the companies' earnings (Form 1120-S Line 21):
Click this button to calculate your ESOP Savings:
Without ESOP With ESOP
Annual Tax on Company Earnings
Total Taxes over 10 Years
ESOP Tax Savings
Assumes 40% federal corporate tax rate *The ESOP Calculator for a S Corp allows you to enter data to calculate an unofficial projection of your ESOP benefits. This is not an official estimate. You should use this calculator as a tool to understand your ESOP tax benefit. The information on your most recent Valuation may be helpful in determining the data to enter for your ESOP savings projection. If you are considering using an ESOP, please contact using our contact form on this website.


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